“I am motivated by my children, my family. I think that’s true for everyone who works here.”

  • Artisans // 20
  • Year Founded // 2010

Woodworkers of the Philippines

Nestled in the heart of the Philippines is a beautifully talented family-run workshop still employing ancient techniques to their acacia wood pieces. Passed down from grandfather to grandchild, the art of carving a wooden shoe or “bakya” influenced their current homewares craft. Thanks to their work, they have become a cornerstone of their community providing training and employment. We also love that this enterprise is run by the women of the family!

“Our story is the history of our work. Wood carving is rooted in tradition because the carvers bring the old knowledge with them. They have never changed their ways. They always hold the wood item by hand, all items are done manually, and traditionally they never use a jig or a pattern - this is why no piece is really exactly similar. We do not even use routers.”