“If someone asks me what makes me most proud in my job, then it is my products. I have made pieces from magazines and printing papers for 10 years, and I never feel bored with it. Every time I make a new design it is different, as there is impossible to find two products look exactly the same.”

  • Artisans // 50 - 100
  • Year Founded // 2002

Vietnam Paper Handicrafts: Tiger Lily

Situated in the heart of in Phu Nghia, Chuong My [Hanoi, Vietnam], well known for its traditional handicraft and beautiful local products, the Tiger Lily artisan group shines as a beacon of hope.

“We design and craft beautiful home decoration from recycled paper products. One of our great motivators is to help people to realize the value of used things, like magazines. They are used, but they are not waste. Since starting the group, each member has an increased appreciated for used goods. Often times, during breaks, the workers enjoy sitting together, reading the old magazines, and sharing interesting things they found. Those impacts are small, but it makes us proud of our jobs.

We are very proud of what we do and are excited to share it with the world. Currently we provide jobs for around one hundred local workers. Our employees are treated with respect, paid both a fair and profitable wage, and given a safe, clean working environment. We believe in providing equal opportunities for every employee and against discriminating any worker because of their gender, age, religious belief. We do not employ children.”

“I have been worked for TigerLily for 10 years, ever since I was still single. I come from a farmer family. We used to have a small field of rice nearby our house where we could plant rice and corn. When the government decided to build an industrial zone in our village's rice field, we sold our field. We had money to pay for my last year in high school, but no more farming. And after graduating high school, like other girls in my village, I started working for a garment company. The salary was good, but the job was very stressful and tiring. Soon I realized that my health was not so good, and I had to quit the job. It was one of my hardest time, as I was the only breadwinner in my family. Then one of my friends introduced me to Tigerlily, saying that the job could be suitable for me. So I applied and was recruited. This is my tenth years working in this factory. Now I have married and has 2 daughters! TigerLily is my second home. I really love working in here. My work is clean, safe, and creative. There are no harmful chemicals and no industrial dust in the factory. My co-workers are very friendly and we treat each other like sisters and brothers. I think I am a lucky person, as I have a job and a family to love.”

- Nahn