“Our favorite part of the process is that something unique and beautiful can be made out of waste. The best part is when we assemble the glass with the wood and all of a sudden a beautiful object appears underneath our eyes. It makes the staff very proud!”

  • Artisans // 15
  • Year Founded // 2012

Artisans of Tanzania

A small group of artisan gather together each day on the island of Zanzibar, Tanzania to turn trash into treasure. After collecting bottles from nearby resorts, they use a traditional carving technique (often used on ornate doors) to create a wooden lid to accompany the recycled bottle. They recognize the severe waste problem on their island and are doing their part to solve it. In additional to environmental conservation, they seek to empower their workers, many of whom are women, and create a safe and dignified environment.

“This is the story of Betina: An original member of the organization, Betina joined us about five years ago. She has been with us since the beginning. Learning and growing. We were her first job and now she is proud to say that she can help support her family!”