“I decided to sell my products globally because I believe there are good people in the world, people like Miss. Maura Kroh, to help us to sell the products. So that we do not have to settle for less than our best.”

  • Artisans // 22
  • Year Founded // 1992

India: Stone Carvers of Agra

On the banks of the Yamuna River lies a bustling city, Agra, known for its rich Indian history, remarkably, the Tāj Mahal. Within its borders, a small artisan group has banded together to better their lives. After seeing their mothers and father labor in their craft with little to no reward, they wanted to make a change; to honor their parents and change the course of the children’s future. And with that mission they started the Carvers of Agra.

Using traditional methods, the artisans hand craft wood, stone, and marble pieces using the same material once sourced for the Tāj Mahal itself! Each piece is imbued with love and a beautiful Indian history. 

“One of my co-workers, Shawab, is fourty-five years old and resides in Gokulpura Agra. He has three children (two daughters and one son). Shawab is an expert in stone carving and inlay work; the finest artisan that I have seen in my life. He used to work in a handicrafts factory in Agra, but he was not receiving even 10% of the product value for his pieces. Then one day, he met me. He told me about himself and said that he wanted to work from home, to be with his family. He requested raw materials and some equipment. I wanted to support him so I gave him a job. He has flourished! Our buyers love his work. After some time it came to my attention that Shawab did not have his own home. He was renting from a family member. So our artisan group helped to pay for a small house that he could call his own. Shawab now can use his rent money to fund his children’s education. His son even wants to become a teacher so that he can teach other children who do not have the opportunity to learn! We are thankful for people like Shawab.” 

- Artisan Group Leader