Amani Recycled Paper Necklace

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The Amani necklace features recycled magazine beads in earthy hues separated with silver-toned Giriama accent rings and finished with a rhodium-plated chain. Adjustable from 18 to 20 inches. Handmade in Kenya. Paper beads are coated with a clear, non-toxic lacquer making them water-resistant and durable.
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Lilian heads our team of paper bead makers in Kisumu, western Kenya. She oversees up to 40 women in Kenya and Uganda and makes sure that we never run short of recycled paper beads. Each bead is individually cut and rolled from magazine pages ensuring a steady supply of work for these women.

They often gather at her home in Kisumu to roll paper beads together. According to Lilian, the income generated from the millions of beads they've made has completely transformed their lives.

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