“Our heritage greatly influences our beads. Often times we borrow elements of our designs and technique from our environment, culture and traditions.”

  • Artisans // 109
  • Year Founded // 2004

Kenya Paper Beads: Jarida Crafts

On the Ondiek Estate in Nairobi, Kenya, a passionate group of approximately one hundred artisans gather to create stunningly colorful jewelry. Using a fascinating technique found across Africa, they repurpose old magazines to make beautiful hand rolled lacquer finished beads. Each member is extremely pleased with their work and the process has inspired many to develop their own unique designs ideas.

“I am proud of how we slowly started the journey, with difficulties, and made it to where we are today, working with our hands.”

“We used to buy hawked bananas from a woman in our town. One day she come by and found us doing the beads so she just sat and watched us. She then told us that she was interested in doing the beads so we invited her in and trained her for one week. She had become an expert and today she is our designer! She is a single parent who is now able to take her children to school and provides to their needs.”