“We formed this organization primarily to aid in the better living of our team, but we also care very much for the environment; it is our common goal. We recycled and sell approximately one ton of metal each year.”

  • Artisans // 12
  • Year Founded // 2001

Kenya: Kibera Metalsmiths

With a passion to create positive change in both their community and environment, a small group of twelve metalsmiths banded together in Kibera, Kenya. Transforming trash into treasure, they collect scrap brass and aluminum then melt, cast, and polish it to perfection. These beautifully crafted metal pieces then become part of jewelry as beads, pendants, etc.

What are you most proud of in your organizations? “To see every member happy and working together.”

“One of our now team members, use to live sick at home. She had tested positive for HIV and did not have the funds to receive help. We taught her the art and she joined our group. She is now okay and happy; able to afford to take care of herself.”