Do you have a personal mission? “Yes. To economically empower the artists and uplift their living standards.”

  • Artisans // 8
  • Year Founded // 2002

Kenya: Dondora Scrap Metal Artisans

Located on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, Dandora, a village once known as the home for the city’s waste, has been transformed. Due to local initiatives and a desire to clean their town, the people have become extremely resourceful. One of the beautiful results of this change in perspective is the formation of an artisan group dedicated to transforming scrap metal into beautiful creations! They collect and reuse approximately 10,000 cans per year! After sanitizing, the artisans cut the cans into strips and weave them together to create our signature soda can animal sculptures. The income from these efforts directly benefits the livelihood of those in this evolving community!

“There was an artisan who came to our organization when he was hopeless. After staying with him and training him for three months, he joined our group as a skilled artisan. He was able to support himself and regain his confidence and self-esteem. He is now very hopeful about life and has a mindset change, looking at life more positively.”