“We use what we have. The sisal plant is local to us and from that grew the creativity to create.”

  • Artisans // 60
  • Year Founded // 1993

Kenya: Basket Weavers of Yatta

East of Nairobi, Kenya lies a small community, Yatta. Located in the arid region of Machakos County, Yatta is the home of our basket weaving artisan partners. Each day, the women gather in small groups to practice the traditional craft of basket weaving. This time-honored process is passed down through generations of women and remains largely unchanged today. The women use fibers of the sisal plant, an abundant local cactus, to meticulously spin then weave each strand. The income generated by these women and their skill helps the Yatta community flourish and grow.

“One of our artisans was desperate and in need of a job. She found us and we welcomed her into the group. She has since been able to support her family.”