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Zero Waste Summer BBQ

Zero Waste Summer BBQ

Summer, one of the most beautiful times of the year! Our calendars are filled with backyard dinner parties and family barbeques. We celebrate each evening with a toast to the warm sunshine and the company of good friends. During this time, however, we have found one prevailing theme: waste. From napkins to paper plates, society often favors the quick fix rather than conscious consumerism. At the end of the night our trash bins are filled with plastic dinnerware and paper napkins. A surprising forty percent of municipal solid waste is paper (71.8 million tons each year). A truly heartbreaking statistic.

But with the help of inspiring individuals around the world, the market is now filled with beautiful sustainable pieces. The team at Acacia Creations has joined this movement and is consistently searching for ways that we can contribute to positive change. That's why, in an effort to promote mindfulness in each aspect of our summer merriment, we have compiled a list of zero-waste alternatives to add to your celebrations. So today, in celebration of July 4th, we're sharing a few of our favorites for your holiday BBQ!

Paper Star Lanterns

For Décor

Our hanging star lantern is one of the most innovative pieces in the Acacia Creations collection.

Each star in crafted from recycled cotton hosiery end cuttings! Over the last fifteen years, our partners in New Delhi, India have perfected the art of 'tree-free' paper products. Through a process much like making parchment, the artisans set the paper, dye, decorate, and cut all by hand.

Hang these beauties both inside and outside (provided that it's a rain-free evening) to add a unique and beautiful glow to your party!

Handwoven Baskets

For Storage

Whether you're transporting goodies to a picnic, looking for a place to store the kids toys during dinner time, or wanting a fancy bread basket, our multi-use woven baskets make a great eco-friendly storage option. Both functional and beautiful, it transitions seamlessly from an everyday basket to an essential piece during the festivities. And the best part? Each basket is hand-woven by women in rural Kenya, providing empowering and profitable work while uniting traditional craft with modern living.

Acacia Wood Bowls

For Food

Inspiring our namesake itself, each hand-carved bowl is crafted in the Philippines from sustainably harvested acacia wood and treated with certified food safe finish. Crafted in many shapes and sizes, each bowl can serve a different purpose at your barbecue. From a round salad bowl, to a heart-shaped fruit bowl, each piece is both practical and attractive. Interested in browsing other designs? Browse our hand-carved acacia wood pieces here!

Wooden Serveware

For Serving

Throw away salad prongs may seem like the easy option on a busy Sunday afternoon, but how beautiful are these handmade serving alternatives? Each one made from wood of fallen olive trees in Kenya, and preserved with sunflower oil. Whether you're serving a pasta salad, or mixing a green salad, these pieces will be a staple at all of your summer get-togethers.

Handwoven Linens

For the Paper Alternative

Our hand woven eco-friendly cotton textiles collection is a divine alternative to disposable paper or plastic goods. Not only will you fall in love with their luxurious feel and on-trend designs, but with each cloth piece, you will be dramatically reducing you waste footprint!

We admit, zero-waste sounds a bit daunting at times. But with a little forethought and a few intentional purchases, you can make a significant positive influence on our world today. And if we're being completely honest, aesthetically speaking, beautifully crafted goods beat plastic disposables every time. Happy Fourth of July friends!

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