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Summer 2018 Ethical Wedding Trends

Summer 2018 Ethical Wedding Trends

As another Wedding Season approaches, we've fallen in love with the natural fabric trends that have taken over wedding decor. From reception decorations, to guest gifts, our handmade pieces make the perfect multi-use decor for any wedding.

1. Woven Table Runner Trend

Natural colors that beautifully accent floral centerpieces make the perfect table cloth, that can be used far after the wedding itself. Our cotton tablecloth's are handmade with fun accents like tassels and fringe to add dimension and character to each table top. Whether you're looking to accompany a neutral color scheme or tie into an already established color scheme, each tablecloth or table runner comes in multiple options.

You can also mix and match a printed table runner with a neutral tablecloth to add to the design of each reception setting.

2. Zero Waste Napkins & Placemats

Bring life and texture to your table setting with zero waste, re-usable products like cotton napkins & placemats that seamlessly tie into the theme. Whether it's a rustic tan, or a white and gold theme, our neutral tones make the perfect zero waste options.

Just grab some beautiful flowers, and polished silverware and you have the perfect table setting. We're just missing a great centerpiece…

3. Woven Basket Trend Centerpiece

Woven baskets are more on-trend than ever this year, from purses, to Farmer's Market bags, and even baskets to be used around the house. Our handwoven sisal baskets can be used throughout many parts of the wedding, from holding programs at the ceremony, to favors at the reception, but we're particularly loving them as centerpieces! They bring a pop of texture and color to the table, and perfectly hold a floral bouquet to bring life to the table.

4. To Have and To Hold, In case You Get Cold

A new wedding trend personally experienced this year was the gift of a blanket at an outdoor wedding. Even in the dead of summer, there's no telling what the temperature will be once the sun goes down. Not only do blankets make a great party favor, they also make guests feel much more cozy and comfortable while celebrating the love of the bride and groom.

Fill your wedding with handmade love this summer!

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