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Our Favorite Summer Accessories

Our Favorite Summer Accessories

The exciting time between Memorial Day Weekend and Fourth of July means lots of beach trips, and summer styles. Acacia Creations talented artisans work to create pieces that can be used year-round, however, we do have a few Summer Favorites that we know you'll enjoy whether you're planning a tropical vacation, or a cozy staycation.

1. Brass Leather Bolo Necklace

Brass Leather Bolo Necklace

Whether you wear this as a choker, or a layered necklace, this piece adds the perfect texture, dimension, and sandy color to your summer outfit, not to mention it's made completely out of repurposed materials.

2. The Market Basket Tote

Market Basket Tote

Throw some towels and sunscreen in and head to the beach, or collect some Farmer's Market goods in this large market basket, hand-woven by talented women in Kenya. This 15x15 is the perfect summer large summer tote for any activity

3. Multi-Purpose Natural Towel


While this piece can be used as a scarf, shawl, table cover, or blanket, our favorite summer uses are as a beach towel, picnic blanket, or campfire campanion. Hand spun & woven by a small group of talented Ethiopian artisans, each towl is 100% locally sourced and eco-friendly, with no harmful dyes or chemicals.

4. Blush Accent Necklace

Blush Necklace

Add a pop of this Summer's favorite color, blush, to any classic outfit. Each necklace is made of recycled paper beads, hand-cast metal beads, and recycled brass accents, coated in a clear non-toxic lacquer making them water resistant and durable.

5. Double Bone Earrings


Perfect for any date night, these pendant earrings are the perfect mix of sustainably sourced cow bone, accented with recycled brass and 14kt gold hooks, to add a little shimmer to any summer look.

Acacia creations' talented artisans hand-make these goods and more which you can view here. Feel free to read more about our talented artisan groups, and join the Acacia tribe by following us on social media @acaciacreations.

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