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The Star Lantern: Brightening Your Home

The Star Lantern: Brightening Your Home

Our hanging star lantern is one of the most innovative pieces in the Acacia Creations collection.

Each star in crafted from recycled cotton hosiery end cuttings! Over the last fifteen years, our partners in New Delhi, India have perfected the art of 'tree-free' paper products. Through a process much like making parchment, the artisans set the paper, dye, decorate, and cut all by hand.

In addition to their incredible skill, the collective offers a steady, safe, and dignified workplace for their employees. They employ over one hundred women and provide not only fair and sustainable wages but also ensure healthcare to new mothers.

Our stars are the perfect d├ęcor pieces for weddings, baby showers, dorm rooms, holidays, etc!


How to Open + Display Your Star


Begin by opening the points while slowly tightening the cord.

If one of the points remains flat, bring it to shape by pressing on the folded edges or inserting your hand and gently pressing the inside out.


One of the fun and unique aspects of our lanterns is that you can choose what light sources works the best for your home/lifestyle. Insert your chosen light through the center and close the star by tightening the string. Please do not let the bulb touch the sides and use an LED or a light that will not produce heat. Our stars are designed for indoor use only.

Paisley Star Lantern

Mary 5 months ago at 10:17 AM
Love your stars and the story behind them, just wish you had more designs and had them in stock consistently! It has been frustrating trying to reorder with low stock and designs not available. Thanks.
Acacia Creation Team 28 days ago at 1:12 PM
Hi Mary!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts! You'll be excited to hear that we are expanding our star collection this season and putting more focus on having them in stock. Hope you are well!

- The Acacia Creation Team